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KiKi RPG: Supreme v1.0.6 - 馴靈師琪琪

軟件大小:158.56 MB 軟件價格:¥18.00 購買正版  立即免費下載 兼容平臺:iPhone,iPod Touch, iOS 3.1.3 以上 軟件語言:英文軟件 軟件等級:★★★★☆ 發布時間:2012-04-12 HD 熱門指數:載入中... 所屬標簽:角色扮演 RPG ARPG 

一款動作 RPG 游戲,世界和平了 14 年,琪琪的父母,人類中傳奇英雄,去跟魔王戰斗,再也沒有回來過。但和平卻讓人是越來越不安;謠言四起!琪琪加入冒險,去尋找她失蹤的父母和戰勝新的邪惡勢力。


● Acquire and tame the souls of creatures and use their powers!
● Utilize the powers of the animals: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Wolf, Pig!
● Take care of your tamed souls or they might leave you!
● Make traps and bombs to aid your battles!
● Ride your Landmate! Magical transportation!
● Ranches allow you to breed animals! Passive and active skill to build!
● Mine ore, gather herbs, raise animals and collect trees! Hire assistants to help you collect natural items.
● Find NPCs that can help you on your quest! Cute and crazy characters will help or hinder your adventure!
● Strange, wonderful and fearsome creatures and monsters to battle.
● Cook your meals out in the field with ingredients you find on your travels!
● Create, strengthen and customize your own weapons, tool, traps and bombs!
● Fabricate newer and more powerful weapons and equipment!
● Crush unwanted items and use the powder to make newer, more useful items!
● Intensify to strengthen weapons and equipment you already have!
● Teleport around using magic boxes!
● Explore many, colorful, challenging landscapes! Cute and charming graphics and animations.
● Fun and funny quests and side missions!
● Massive amount of items in the online store.


版本 1.0.6 中的新功能

- misc bugs fixed






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